Chromate 4300

Chromate Microplate reader 4300

Instrument is manufactured in the USA by Awareness Technology, Inc. under both ISO and FDA Quality Systems.

With more than 100,000 instruments in the field, the manufacture is ready to supply customers with technical support including applications and service.

Chromate Model 4300 is a compact 8-channel microplate reader. Its streamlined design with minimal footprint offers superb optics to fit any size lab bench.

CHROMATE and your PC team up to provide rapid reading and full access to high level software, reporting, curve fitting, and data storage, to meet the requirements of modern laboratories. Instrument and software come ready to “plug and play” with your PC.

Optical Measurement Range:0.20 to 4.0 Absorbance units [A]
Photometric Accuracy:+/ - 1%
Stability:Drift no more than 0.005A in 8 hours
Light Source:Remote halogen lamp source with lamp saver feature
Standard Wavelengths:405, 450, 492, and 630nm
6-Filter: 405, 450, 492, 545, 600, and 630nm 545, 600, and 630nm.
Filter options from 405nm to 700nm.
Filter Type:IAD hardcoat interference, l0nm half bandpass
Vessel:Standard 96-well microtiter plates, or strip trays
Filter options:405nm to 700nm
Power Requirements:115V or 230V AC. 50—60Hz [auto sensing]
PC connection:USB Port
Speed:Reads absorbances of 96 wells in about 8 seconds
Plate Transport:Stepper motor.
Calculation Modes:Single point calibration, point to point curve fit, polynomial regression, linear and sigmoiclal regression {log & linear}, cut off absorbance, multipoint % absorbance
Additional Features:User—programmable open system, selectable plate formatting, alphanumeric test naming, automatic interpretation options, duplicate well options, curve plotting and editing, flags and error messages.
Enclosure:All metal enclosure
Dimensions:10 lbs. (4.5kg)