Microplate Shaker

DOS-3M Microplate Shaker


  • DOS-3M
  • $940.00

DOS-3M Microplate Shaker

DOS-3M is a high-performance Microplate Shaker capable of non-stop operation in a wide variety of medical, chemical, and biological laboratories. With an excellent record of reliability and long life, DOS-3M Microplate Shaker will be a superior partner in your laboratory.

  • 3mm Amplitude of orbital rotation
  • Advanced stepper motor control system
  • Digital timer
  • High-precision, rotational speed controls
  • Sound notification when mixing complete
  • Onboard memory for storing settings
Size of Working Space of Platform:355/235 mm
Amplitude of Rotation of the Platform (Rocking Angle): 3 mm
Type of rotation: Orbital
Time Controller: 9.59
Speed of rotation: 1- 1100 RPM
Environmental Temperature:From + 4 to 45 Degrees C
Relative moisture of atmosphere:
(at the temperature of 20˚C)
Power Supply ( Adapter): 100-240Volts; 50/60 Hertz
Size of the Device:
length x width x height)
360X280X100 mm
Weight:6 kg