Stat Fax 4500

Instrument is manufactured in the USA by Awareness Technology, Inc. under both ISO and FDA Quality Systems.

With more than 100,000 instruments in the field, the manufacture is ready to supply customers with technical support including applications and service.

The Stat Fax® 4500 is a compact, standalone chemistry analyzer. Its streamlined design offers touch screen interface, superb optics, on -board curve -fitting software, and built-in printer to meet the requirements of modern laboratories.

Chemistry Analyzer Specifications

Linear Measurement Range:Tube or Cuvette - 0.0 to 3.0 Absorbance units (A).
Photometric Accuracy:+/- (1% of the reading + 0.005A).

Stability:Drift of no more than 0.005A in 8 hours/bichromatic
Light Source:Tungsten lamp with lamp saver feature.
Standard Wavelengths:340, 405, 505, 545, 580 and 630nm. (alternate filters available from 340 to 700nm).
Filter Type:IAD hardcoat interference, 10nm half bandpass.
Tube Size:12 mm round tube is standard. Read cell accommodates square cuvettes.
Minimum sample volume:250µL for flowcell.
Display:Interactive touch -screen 3.5" LCD, color graphic display.
Printer:Thermal dot matrix, with graphic capability.

Power Requirements:115V or 230V AC, 1.5A, 50-60 Hz (universal input).
Interface:USB mouse.
Speed:Reads, calculates and prints results, 3 seconds per tube.
Calculation Modes:Single point calibration by standard or factor, multipoint calibration with point-to-point curve fit, rate by standard or factor (batch or singly).
Test Menu:More than 50 open channels to store tests. Stores all parameters including wavelengths, calculations, unit codes, linear and normal ranges, rate timing, standard values, test names and previous standard curve.
Temperature control:Read cell and incubation block, user selectable.
Enclosure:Painted flame-retardant ABS plastic cover and base.
Dimensions:Approx. 9x13.5x5in. (24x34x13cm) weighs 10lbs.(4.5kg).
CertificationsNRTL listed, CE mark.