High-speed centrifuge MC-24


MC-24 high-speed centrifuge is widely used in life science, biology, molecular biology, physical and chemical analysis and other fields, for
the separation of cells, proteins, virus samples, etc. The maximum speed can reach 15000rpm.



  1. High-speed and stable operation, the rotor and the motor shaft are matched with high-precision cones, high concentricity, and low operating noise.
  2. Both the upper cover and the lower shell adopt high-strength metal protective rings, which have high structural safety and ensure the safe operation of the rotor at high speed.
  3. The invention patent of the upper cover safety lock ensures the safety during operation. It automatically pops up after the operation is completed, and has one-key open cover function.
  4. Adopting the three-dimensional air inlet circulation cooling method, the cooling effect is good, and the temperature rise of the rotor is low.
  5. Powerful DC brushless motor, maintenance-free, fast drive, ultra-quiet operation, low noise level.
  6. After the centrifugation is finished, the sound prompts and the cover will automatically opened, which is convenient for the sample to cool down; the
    brake is soft to protect the special sensitive samples.
  7. The speed up/down speed is adjustable, suitable for different experimental requirements.
  8. It adopts 4.3-inch color LCD screen, which can display the speed, centrifugal force and time at the same time.
  9. The buzzer prompts after the operation is completed, with the function of displaying the running status and prompting the error code.
  10. With PROG key, you can call the built-in 10 groups of programs with one key, which is convenient and quick to use.
  11. Equipped with a momentary centrifugal button, which can be centrifuged quickly to meet more experimental needs.
  12. High-strength aluminum alloy rotor has no service life limit and can be sterilized by high temperature and high pressure.
  13. One machine for multiple purposes, suitable for 0.2, 0.5, 1.5, 2.0, 5.0ml centrifuge tubes and PCR centrifuge tubes, four rotors are available.




Model MC-24
Speed Range 500-15000rpm (incvement: 100rpm)
Safety High-strength metal protective ring, safety door lock,
overspeed, overtemperature, status diagnosis
Working noise ≤62 dB
Time range 1s-99min59s (can be centrifuged instantly)
Speed up down time range 25 or 45s (to protect special sensitive
samples from resuspension)
Other functions Speed/acceleration display function, instantaneous centrifugal
function, running progress display, sound prompt function
Rotor capacity 0.2ml/0.5ml/1.5ml/2mlx24;
0.2ml×8 strip×4; 0.5mlx36; 5ml×18;
Voltage AC 220V 50Hz
Max. RCF 21400xg
Fuse 250V ,10A, φ5×20
Temp. range /
Dimensions (W x D x H) W.238XD.335XH.208mm
Temp.control accuracy (at 4°C) /
Net weight 13kg


Additional information


MC-A: 5ml×18, MC-B: 0.2ml×32 0.2ml×8 strip×4, MC-C: 0.5ml×36, MC-D: 0.2ml/0.5ml/1.5ml/2ml×24, MC-D-1:2ml to 0.2ml test tube set, MC-D-2:2ml to 0.2ml test tube set


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