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Lab Centrifuges

Shop for lab centrifuges at great prices. NE LabSystems is the top source for quality laboratory equipment from the leading manufacturers. Our centrifuges offer increased reliability and accuracy for any application. Browse our selection today to improve the effectiveness of your lab.

How to Choose the Best Laboratory Centrifuge

Unlike a shaker, rocker, or mixer, a laboratory centrifuge relies on centrifugal force to separate components of a liquid sample using high rates of speed. You can also adjust the speed to separate substances based on density. However, you also need to ensure that you find the right lab centrifuges for your specific applications. Some of the features to consider include:

  • Rotor speed
  • Timers
  • Display and controls
  • Size and capacity

Centrifuges provide variable speed control. The speed is typically listed in RPMs but some of the top products allow you to set the G-force. You can also find centrifuges with different options for the timer, including centrifuges with wide timer ranges, such as 30 seconds to 99 minutes.

The display and controls vary. Some of the latest lab centrifuges include easy-to-read digital displays and menus. You can quickly and accurately set the operating parameters before each application.

The size and capacity may also influence the efficiency of your lab. A high-capacity centrifuge is likely to cost more but allows you to add more vessels, which may save time and energy while reducing the risk of lab errors.

No matter your needs, we likely have the right lab centrifuge. At NE LabSystems, we specialize in providing laboratories around the world with the best lab equipment available.

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