Shop Lab Shakers to Speed up Your Lab Projects

Get the best prices on lab shakers, including a wide range of the latest orbital and linear shakers from the top manufacturers. Our selection of analog and digital shakers ensures outstanding accuracy, performance, and reproducibility for any application or lab project.

At NE LabSystems, we carry a large selection of orbital shakers, which provide reliable and versatile options for various applications at great prices. You can repeat the same applications using the same parameters for increased accuracy.

Along with standard shakers, we offer a variety of rockers and mixers to suit your specific needs. Increase the flexibility of your lab by adding rockers and mixers for everything from cell culture to DNA extraction.

Why Invest in New Lab Shakers?

A laboratory shaker is an essential piece of equipment for almost any lab. Shakers also come in a variety of sizes to suit different applications. You can choose from everything from orbital shakers to reciprocal shakers.

Reciprocal shakers are often used for average to vigorous mixing requirements, as the shaker moves the vials back and forth on a horizontal plane. If you require smooth, even shaking, consider buying a new orbital shaker. Orbital shakers move in a circular motion for even distribution of the contents of the flasks and increased aeration.

How to Choose the Right Lab Shaker

NE LabSystems gives you access to the best laboratory shakers available. When choosing a new shaker, pay attention to the orbit diameter, vessel size, capacity, shaking speed, and temperature.

A small orbit diameter is often needed for small vessels, such as microcentrifuge tubes and microplates. The vessel size and capacity are also important features for ensuring that the shaker can support your applications. The shaking speed and temperature vary, but if you want more control, compare our latest selection of digital lab shakers.