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When it comes to medical lab equipment, quality matters. The integrity of your research is highly dependent on the equipment you use, so having lab centrifuges, orbital shakers, biochemistry analyzers, spectrophotometers and thermal cyclers that offer consistency is key to your work. NE LabSystems is the leading provider of the highest quality medical laboratory equipment, providing valuable support to labs around the world. We work with facilities to ensure clear, consistent results for applications that make a difference in the world. We also offer preventative maintenance and servicing options to keep your equipment in perfect condition.

Outstanding Options for Medical Centrifuges, Lab Orbital Shakers and Tube Rotators

At NELS, we offer our customers a huge range of medical lab equipment to assist them in their daily work. If you are looking for a laboratory centrifuge, we offer clinical centrifuges as well as mini centrifuges. Our lab shakers are also available as incubator shakers for precise control of your conditions, and we also have a huge range of lab rockers available to cater for any application. We also feature specialized equipment such as ELISA reads and microplate washers for your protein applications, as well a dry bath incubators that decrease contamination.

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Whether you are looking for a laboratory shaker, centrifuge or more, NELS provides premium access to the leading equipment from the most reputable brands. Browse our products online today, or for more information, call us at (877) 733-6838.

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When you work with NE LabSystems, you gain access to a complete line of medical/scientific laboratory equipment from the top manufacturers in the industry.
Our product line includes the finest in new incubators, centrifuges, shakers and mixers, circulators, water baths, and more.

Preventative maintenance and repair services for your existing lab equipment is also available!

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