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What is Elisa Plate Readers?

Elisa Plate Readers are lab equipment that detects and processes chemical and biological data. This tool uses absorbance (ELISAs, enzyme activity, nucleic acid, and protein quantification), luminescence, and fluorescence detection techniques, including intensity, TRF, and polarization. This lab workhorse is employed in biopharmaceutical production, drug discovery, research, and bioassay validation.

With its high-resolution imaging technology, the Elisa Microstrip Reader provides unparalleled precision and accuracy in labs. The innate user interface of the product offers quick setup and convenient data analysis, enabling researchers to streamline their work while getting precise outcomes. Elisa Plate Readers price in the United States is quite affordable, and when you buy it, you can be sure that manual measurement errors will not compromise the results.


The uses of Elisa Plate Readers for labs are numerous, such as having the ability to identify emotions and enable the diagnosis of numerous illnesses. Ebola, AIDS, Lyme disease, rotavirus, cancer, anemia, and rotavirus are a few of these. The reader is also employed in the food business to find any allergies.


Pipetting Error Removed

This reader measures the depth (optical path length) of samples in a microplate using Molecular Devices' temperature-independent PathCheck Sensor technology. Standard curves can also be eliminated using this equipment.

Reads Dual Wavelengths

With well plates that have a rounded, flat, or half-area bottom, the Elisa Plate Readers lab equipment performs at a high level. Data interpretation is made simple by dual-wavelength measurements that show the real absorbance at each wavelength.

Eight Channels Optic

The reader's optical configuration allows for the simultaneous detection of 8 wells. Precision and speed are both delivered across the microplate by the eight-channel technology.

Easy Validation

Utilizing NIST-traceable standards, this reader ensures the accuracy of your absorbance measurements with the SpectraTest® ABS1 Absorbance Validation Plate. You can buy Elisa Plate Readers online and conduct testing in your own lab and at your convenience.


  • About two to 100 microliters are needed for an ELISA plate reader to produce a result; this is a much lower sample quantity.
  • In a shorter time, it can analyze more samples (usually 96 wells).
  • Both quantitative and qualitative analyses are made more accessible by it.
  • A competent microplate reader will run tests quickly, accurately, and delicately.


  • These are delicate, not portable, and pricey. However, you can find it at affordable rates. Contact to know Elisa Plate Readers' price now.
  • The biological and chemical elements in the microplates may experience significant changes in their optical properties (for example, color and absorbance) as a result of the prolonged exposure to air throughout this time-consuming testing procedure. As a result, the test substance cannot be precisely measured by the microplate reader's full-spectrum measurement.
  • The microplate reader cannot obtain a real-time spectrogram during the measurement procedure; it can only provide numerical data regarding the absorbance of particular wavelengths.

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