Dry Bath Incubator

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The Dry Bath Incubator

Dry bath incubators are common equipment in molecular, microbiological, and biochemical labs where samples are heated before being used for various purposes. These incubators are referred to as "dry baths" to distinguish them from other heating techniques that employ liquids.

In the lab dry bath incubator, tubes are inserted into a heat-distribution heat block. The quantity of samples that can be heated simultaneously depends on the number of blocks in the unit. 1, 2, or 4 blocks are typically included with dry baths. Additionally, they can be made to accommodate various sample tube sizes.


Samples are heated in dry bath incubators for a range of purposes. To ensure a regular distribution of the teats, the majority of them are composed of an aluminum alloy. A heating dry bath incubator replaces the traditional water bath heating mode. There are numerous applications for this novel metal heating method, particularly in biology.

How Do These Incubators Help?

In molecular biology, environmental, and blood banks, dry baths are crucial pieces of equipment. When you buy a bath incubator online from NE LabSystems, it provides you with several advantages:

Compatibility with standard sample sizes: Your laboratory team may handle open sample containers with our dry baths because they are appropriate for standard sample sizes.

Speed: One benefit of using a dry bath is that it distributes heat quickly and consistently, reducing the possibility of temperature variations in your samples.

Cleanliness: Dry baths contribute to a cleaner laboratory environment by limiting the transfer of contamination between various samples and work surfaces.

Dry Bath Incubator Features

Material: High-purity aluminum that is conducive to heat conduction

Overall benefits include:

  • Easy to clean and disinfect
  • Automatic fault detection and alert function
  • High-temperature protection device
  • Convenient module replacement

Different Types of Dry Bath Incubator for Sale

There are different types of incubators, including:

1. Analog

An essential and widely used instrument for heating samples prior to the appearance of digital dry baths is the analog dry bath incubator. The incubators were equipped with incremental dials that allowed the user to adjust temperature.

2. Digital

Difficult temperature control is resolved with a digital dry bath incubator. It has an integrated microchip that gives consumers precise temperature control. Additionally, this incubator has a digital panel that shows the temperature. There are two methods to change the temperature: using a knob or the up and down buttons.

3. Mini

The mini dry bath incubator is more compact, lighter, and smaller than the other two models. This led to a significant shift in the direction of manufacturers producing ever-tinier laboratory equipment. We find that taking the test is quite convenient.

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