Tube Rotators

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What Is a Tube Rotator?

A laboratory tool called a Tube Rotator is made to evenly and gently mix the contents of tubes. It is beneficial in applications where it is necessary to thoroughly and consistently combine biological samples, chemicals, or other substances. In several scientific and medical disciplines, including molecular biology, biochemistry, microbiology, and clinical diagnostics, Lab Tube Rotator mixers are frequently used.

In research and diagnostic labs, where trustworthy experimental results depend on steady and uniform mixing, Tube Rotators are useful equipment. To help with various scientific procedures, they are frequently used with other laboratory tools, including centrifuges, shakers, and incubators.


Rotating Mechanism

A platform or holder on the Tube Rotator can accommodate several tubes or vials. The material of the tubes is gently stirred as the product rotates.

Time And Speed Control

Most models allow users to control the rotation speed and duration of mixing, enabling customization for different sample types and applications.

Gentle Mixing

Multi-Purpose Tube Rotators are made to give gentle mixing in order to protect delicate materials, such as cells, proteins, or nucleic acids, from harm or disturbance.

Multiple Designs

Fixed-angle, variable-angle, and 3D rotators are some of the numerous designs available for Tube Rotators, each of which is suitable for a particular application. You can explore our website, as we have different designs of Test Tube Rotators for sale.

Benchtop Instruments

They are usually small and made to be used on lab benchtops. You can contact us for the Tube Rotator price.


Easy to Use

They are typically easy to use, with user-friendly controls for adjusting rotation speed and time, making them accessible to both experienced researchers and novices.

Consistent Mixing

By ensuring constant and even mixing of samples, Tube Rotators assist in preventing concentration gradients or uneven distribution of materials inside the tubes.

Discreet Agitation

For sensitive materials like cells, proteins, or nucleic acids that more vigorous mixing techniques can harm, they provide gentle and low-impact mixing.


Researchers can deal with a variety of sample quantities and types since Tube Rotator mixers can accommodate tubes or vials of different sizes.

Low Risk of Contamination

Because the samples are kept tightly sealed in their tubes during mixing, closed tube systems reduce the danger of sample contamination. We have the best Tube Rotator for sale.


They produce repeatable results, lowering experimenter variability and guaranteeing uniform settings for various samples.


The versatile Tube Rotator for lab is used for a variety of laboratory tasks, such as resuspending cells, mixing reagents, incubating samples, and creating solutions.


Numerous Tube Rotators are adaptable to a variety of tube types, including conical tubes, microcentrifuge tubes, and PCR tubes.


They are generally cost-effective lab instruments, providing efficient mixing without the need for huge, expensive equipment. You can find the best Tube Rotator price in the United States.

Decreased Hands-On Time

With the use of Tube Rotators, scientists may automate mixing processes, minimizing the requirement for human agitation and the danger of repetitive strain injuries.

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